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Description: I'm horny and alone again and I definitely won't be able to wait until my boyfriend comes home but luckily for me we have a bunch of bananas that can work lol. I grab the camera and I put on my yellow shoes for the special occasion. I record my steps as I walk over to the kitchen counter because I'm silly like that. I say hi to my boyfriend and tell him that I'm about to get freaky with one of the bananas and I have the shoes to match hehe. I set the camera on the counter and grab one of the bananas and I start stroking it like it's a cock. I grab a condom and I put it over the banana because, you know, safe sex and all. And then I sit on the counter and have the camera pointing right at my pussy just the way you guys like it. I spread my legs and move my panties over to one side. I play with the banana a little first and then I grab the lube and lather it up before I stick it inside my coochie. I can feel my tight pussy stretching as I make it go deeper. It feels so good and I can barely take it as I start thrusting it in and out of my vagina. I keep going faster and faster and I close my eyes when I feel like I'm about to cum. Then my legs start to quiver and I lean against the wall to catch my breath. That was awesomesauce! I get off the counter and take off my clothes so you can see my nice booty. I'm so proud of it. Then I put my leg on the counter and start penetrating my pussy from behind with the yellow fruit. This phallic food is definitely a trooper as I start thrusting it in and out of my wet pussy and I cum again. While I admit that was better than expected, nothing beats the real thing and I can't wait for my bae to come home for round 2.

Published: Sep 11, 2016

Tags: amateur , solo , banana

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