British babe Jess West in Erotic film Educating Reeves


Description: British babe, Jess West, stars in Joy Bear's Educating Reeves as Caroline, a country girl who is living rustic existence that is quickly shattered when a petrol-head by the name of Reeves drives into her picturesque valley with the purpose of buying her land to build a raceway. Reeves soon discovers country girls aren’t push-overs like he expected, and Caroline shows him there is more to life than concrete and throbbing engines. The deal was going south early but Danny has something else in mind when he gets a taste of the gorgeous country girl’s toughness. He noticed that she’s all alone in this big house and probably hasn’t been fucked in a long time, so Danny makes a move and it pays off. Caroline didn’t need much persuading. She dropped to her knees and sucked his huge dick right then and there. Even when it wasn’t in her mouth, the MILF couldn't keep her hands off of his cock. She jerked his dick and kissed him all over his body, working her way back down to his large penis to insert it back into her mouth. Danny reaches into her tight jean shorts and plays with her pussy before pulling her shorts down and rubbing his hard horny cock against her round European ass. Caroline puts one leg up on the kitchen counter and Danny shoves his meat in her box, fucking her hard and long, giving her multiple orgasms. This country girl is really starving for cock and she doesn’t want him to leave. Caroline asked him to stay for a week and punish her pussy all day, everyday. What do you guys think he'll do?

Published: Sep 12, 2016

Tags: kitchen , jess west , jess west , danny d

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