Hitchhiking country girl Brooklyn Lee trades ass 4 gas


Description: Brooklyn Lee is looking to go to Hollywood to become a famous movie star. She's a girl from a small town that no one's ever heard of but she's determined to make it. All she needs is a ride. She's got her stuff and is standing on the side of the road hoping that someone will be able to take pick her up. That's when Tommy shows up in his red Studebaker and pulls over to get a good look. "What's a pretty thing like you doing here all by herself?" he asks, and Brooklyn explains her situation. Tommy decides to let her get in and she's ecstatic. After driving for a while, they arrive in a small and secluded spot. When they hop out, Brooklyn looks all confused. "This isn't Hollywood," she notes. "No it isn't," Tommy admits, "but this is where I'm going to make all your dreams come true." That makes Brooklyn laugh and before you know it they are in each other's arms. They start kissing each other passionately and then they take off their flannel shirts and Tommy is ready to give her an audition. She asks him if she could see what he's hiding in his jeans and she slowly takes them off and is surprised to find such a big cock. She plays with the tip and teases him before she starts sucking his dick. Tommy grabs her by the hair as she deepthroats his cock and starts to make a sloppy mess. She takes off her bra and continues to blow him. Then Tommy takes off her shorts and panties and they do some 69 foreplay as the sun sets over the mountains behind them. Tommy stretches her tight pussy in a bunch of different positions until he makes her cum. Then when he's ready, he shoots his cum load into her mouth and all over her pretty country face. She's definitely got what it takes to be a star!

Published: Sep 13, 2016

Tags: brooklyn lee , hitchhiker , hitchhiker , country

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