I finger my girlfriend Amber with lollipop before sex


Description: Hey everyone, we're back with another home video from our life on the road. My girlfriend Amber and I have been fucking in every town in every state we drive through and tonight we decided to get a little extra kinky. We involved a lollipop that we got from one of the rest stops. We're both completely naked and I got Amber bent over on the bed, and I'm teasing her pussy with the snack. I love the blueberry candy and it's going to taste even better with my girl's cunt on it. She starts to twitch as I keep teasing her with it and then I insert it in her baby maker and she starts to moan. I turn the camera to the side so I can record myself licking her snatch and I tell her how great it tastes now that it's drenched with blueberry. Best vacation ever, I tell the camera as I bury my tongue deep inside of her coochie. She moans with pleasure as she tells me how good it feels. Then I stick the treat back in her box and I drill it in and out of her using my teeth. Amber asks me for the lolli and I hand it over and she begins sucking on it. Then I tell her to back that ass up until my cock goes inside of her vagina and I start fucking her and she tells me how I'm going to make her cum soon. I've been teasing her all night and she's ready to orgasm. She starts moaning louder as I go faster and faster and she ends up cumming all over my cock. Her beaver feels tight as it's contracting on my dick. Then I tell her I want to cum inside and she gives me the go-ahead, so I go hard and fast until I shoot my entire cum load inside of her. She eats the cum that drips down her leg and tells me how good it tastes.

Published: Sep 15, 2016

Tags: amateur , homemade , real couple

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