College sluts have pool party with toys on spring break


Description: Sup guys, today we've got three college sluts here on spring break and they want to have their very own pool party. The twist is that they want to get kinky, so they brought some toys along for them to enjoy. The girls are completely naked and they're standing by the pool trying to figure out how to put on the strapon. It's adorable. They finally figure it out and they wrap it around one of the girls and we tell the other to go ahead and put her mouth on the big red phallus. But first, we need to get a shot of her booty with the strapon wrapped around her. That's when the other girl dives right for her ass and starts eating it for the camera. We cheer her on and she turns back around to start blowing the the fake dong. She only gets about halfway down the shaft and almost gags. We tell her that gagging is hot if she can control it and the other girl agrees and tells us that she always controls her gagging. Good for her! While she's getting sucked off, the third girl is feeling her tits from behind and really enjoying how soft they are. Next, we have the girls get into the hot tub and have them cheer "Spring Break South Padre!" and the girls get out of the tub after they finish soaking. The beads they had around their necks are now being shoved into their pussies, and they're connected to each other, so it almost looks like they're daisy chained lol The game is, whomever keeps the beads in their pussy the longest gets to keep them. That's an awful prize, and a silly game, but these girls are only getting started. They'll surely get the hang of things soon enough.

Published: Sep 15, 2016

Tags: strapon , college , coeds

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