Giving my boyfriend a treat for taking me to the beach


Description: My boyfriend took me to the beach and we had a great time until towards the end when it began to rain, but shit happens. When we get back to our hotel room I'm feeling super horny and I want to break out the camcorder and fuck his brains out. I lay him down on the bed and I go grab the camera and start recording. I tell him I want to give him a special treat and I set the recorder on the dresser facing the bed. I climb on top of him and begin unbuckling his pants. We end up taking off all of our clothes and I grab his cock to suck it. It tastes so good and I love knowing that I'm pleasuring him. I talk dirty to him asking if he likes it when I give him head. Hearing those words come out of my mouth makes me feel naughty. He knows I can't wait until he fucks me, so we switch positions and I lay on my back and he gets on top of me and sucks on my nipples. Then he sticks his cock inside of me and lifts up my legs to pound away. I put my hand around his neck and I give him a kiss before I tell him to fuck me harder. I put my hands on his arms as he plows away and tell him how much I love it and we move around to the side of the bed so my bae is facing the camcorder. We keep going at it and I tell him to shoot us from a different angle. He points the lens at my pussy to get a good shot of the penetration. I love watching his shaft go in and out of me. When he's about to cum, he pulls out and shoots his thick cum all over my face. Great facial, baby! Let's do it again.

Published: Sep 16, 2016

Tags: sex tape , amateur , homemade

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