Petite Abby Cross seduces & fucks her sister’s husband


Description: Rush is happily married to his gorgeous wife Gina and they are deeply in love. Gina's sister, Abby Cross, is visiting from New York and has been there longer than expected. Rush called his wife while she was at work and spoke to her about how long her sister would be around. Abby Cross is always prancing around the house wearing little to nothing. Rush walks on the balcony and spots her laying by the pool in a bathing suit with her sweet ass exposed. Abby wants to fuck Rush so bad but so far her advances haven’t been working. Abby approaches him again, trying to get his opinion on her lingerie which seems to piss Rush off. The beautiful young babe is extremely sexy so it doesn’t take long before the two are locking lips. Rush dives into her pussy face first, licking her young box while stuffing his finger in her tight ass. Abby is finally getting what she wants and makes sure she does anything to get him to do it again. This hot babe gets her throat fucked hard. Rush choked her neck which only made her hornier. Now, Abby jumps on his cock and rides it hard while screaming and moaning with intense pleasure. This whore wants to take her sister’s husband and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. She grabs his cock and shoves it in her ass hole, riding it while holding her pretty round ass and getting the fudge packed. Abby takes the anal drilling like a champion, praising his hard cock while playing with her pretty pussy. Rush is really enjoying his sister-in-law's butt hole and he cums inside of her. Abby now officially lives with them and every time Gina’s at work, these two get down and dirty behind her back!

Published: Sep 16, 2016

Tags: anal , abby cross , sister in law

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