Walking zombies fucked and shot with cum to stop them


Description: The world was being invaded by zombies, haunting and turning people into undead creatures like them. We seem to be the only humans left on earth and we have to stick together and try to kill these zombies. We are armed and ready to hunt these creatures down but never expected so many to the turned so quickly. We thought we were safe from the zombies at the CDC, and things were definitely not looking up, but then they broke through our defenses! We shot a few of them and stabbed many more but they seem to be coming right back at us stronger than ever. There was only one thing the whole gang could do to get out alive - kill and/or fuck every damned last one of those walkers! The crew trapped and held down a few of them, then stuffed cocks in their mouths. One zombie bitch had huge tits so I sucked on them, making her weak as she moaned defenselessly on the table. My buddy rammed his cock down the other zombie’s throat which also weakens them. Joanna had one down then I shoved my cock in her pussy and drilled her hard and deep. She screamed and pumped back as her tits shook. All of the zombies were getting fucked. We even had one sucking another crew member’s cock and when we got them rolled up, we switched them around. It's our duty to bring them back to life with some hard cock. I have to admit, this zombie pussy is really good. Their bloody faces and big asses drive me wild. This zombie group sex war went on for a few hours, leaving jizz and cum everywhere. We jizzed in the zombie's mouth and that knocked them out cold, so I guess our plan worked. I guess we'll all live to fuck another day!

Published: Sep 16, 2016

Tags: joanna angel , parody , zombies

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