Massage therapist rubs me off and I cum all over myself


Description: Hey guys! Your feedback was so positive last time around that I decided to do a second video to show you I can pull this off with yet another masseuse. All the ladies at this massage parlor stroke some serious dick, I'm telling you. As long as you're nice and you tip them, they'll take care of you every time. With this new girl I ended up with today, I didn't even have to pretend to hide my camera phone. We got right down to it and she was OK with letting me record the activity, as long as it was for my personal enjoyment haha. Check it out... She's got both of her hands on my penis and I tell her how much tension she's relieving by stroking my shaft. She likes the sound of that and, with a soothing voice, she mentions that she wants me nice and relaxed. That sounds good to me! I remark about how great it feels as she jerks me off and she responds by saying that she'd like me to have an orgasm for her. She keeps tugging my pecker and demands that I cum all over her because she'll feel so much better when I do. The dirty talk is driving me nuts and I can feel my cock about to explode. I beg her to keep going and I end up shooting my sperm up into the air. I am making a huge mess but she doesn't stop until every last drop of jizm is drained from my nut sack. I thank her for her services and get dressed after she cleans me off. On the real, I always leave this place feeling amazing. And she's happy that I'll be leaving a satisfied customer because that means she just earned herself a fat tip and a customer for life.

Published: Sep 18, 2016

Tags: massage , handjob , happy ending

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