Burglars break in and fuck Portuguese maid Sonia Kel


Description: Curvy Portuguese chef Sonia Kel is going about her day in the usual fashion. She cleans and dusts every room in the house and has it done properly before the owner comes back from work. Today, things took a different turn. There have been burglaries in the area for the past week, but Sonia wasn’t aware of them and continued to leave the door and windows cracked to air out the house. Two masked criminals enter the house looking for valuables and stumble upon the Food Network reject doing her daily duties. She was startled at first, begging and pleading with the robbers not to harm her. After checking the place, they realize nothing in here is really valuable and turn their focus onto Sonia. The horny chef sat quietly while the guys started smacking her ass and ripping her clothes. She pretended to be frightened but not getting fucked for months has the cook thinking that this may be her chance to get fucked. And two is a huge plus. Once they rip her shirt exposing her huge tits, the guys can’t resist checking out the rest of her body. Her pierced pussy turned them on and she had no problems letting them ram their cocks down her throat. Sonia deepthroated both cocks with messy saliva dripping down her chin. She happily slurped and gagged their dicks, sucking them both at the same time. The criminals are surprised that the grill queen is loving this double cock blowjob and wants them to penetrate her horny cunt. She rides one burglar's big cock while blowing the other robber. They take turns pounding her twat and fucking her throat, still in shock by how much she’s liking it. When they try to leave, the cook begs for more and even tells them to come back tomorrow for more sex.

Published: Sep 16, 2016

Tags: sonia kel , sonia kel , chef , cook , chef

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