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Description: Alex Sanders and I went to visit Krystal Jordan, but when we arrived at her place, she didn't answer the door after numerous knocks, so we decided to go in through the back yard to see if we could get in that way, or at least to see if someone is home. When we got around back and looked through the patio glass, we could see her sleeping. The sliding door was unlocked so we just let ourselves in. Krystal must have been partying her ass off last night because no matter what we do, she won’t wake up. We measured her ass while she was sleeping and then screamed out her name extremely loud to wake her up. She told us to leave her alone, that she’s super sleepy and seems pissed. After some convincing, I got her to stand up so we can measure her ass again and it turned out to be 42 inches! After literally tickling her horny, Alex went to town and enjoyed all 40+ inches down to the last centimeter. Her ass was just as juicy as juicy can be. I had to lick her pretty pussy, I just couldn’t resist! Eating her twat really got her going so we got into the 69 position and she sucked my cock. She has a big ass and as soon as I put my cock in her, I felt like cumming. I drilled her young pussy as hard as I could, making her scream in ecstasy. She begged me for more and I bent her over doggystyle to pound her cunt hard and deep. Her pussy is gripping and soaking wet at the same time. Krystal loves getting her ass dominated. This girl is a super freak, begging me to play with her ass hole while I worked magic on her pussy. She hopped on top and rode my cock so good, you just have to see it! In the end, I bust a nut all over her ass and she thanked me.

Published: Sep 19, 2016

Tags: krystal jordan , big ass , alex sanders , krystal jordan

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