80s lesbian schoolgirls have sex during study session


Description: Today's classic porn update features Sally and Franny, two teens that have been best friends since the first grade. They've done everything together, but little did they know that tonight they would share their first sexual experience. Franny had come over to Sally's house so they could study for their anatomy test. This was a really important one because they needed to pass this class so they could graduate high school. They were studying together in Sally's room while Sally's parents were downstairs. They were both on the bed looking through the pages of their textbook and they couldn't help but giggle whenever there was a picture of a penis or a vagina. Sally was cradling Franny in her arms while they flipped through the pages and soon they started to play with each other's hands and legs. Then Franny reached under Sally's shirt and started to caress her perky tits. They give each other a kiss before Franny starts sucking on Sally's nipples and then they start taking off each other's clothes. That's when Franny pulls off Sally's shorts and kisses her stomach and makes her way down until she reaches her pussy. She spreads it open and starts licking it and Sally starts to twitch and moan with delight. She grabs a handful of Franny's hair as she sticks her tongue deep inside of her. Sally returns the favor and then pulls out a vibrator. It was a joke present she received from another friend and she never thought she would use it but too late to turn back now. She sticks it inside of Franny and she starts to moan as she grips the bed sheets tightly with her fists. Sally keeps going until she makes her best friend cum. Then she takes out the second part of the present, a double-headed dildo. Both girls put it in their pussies and rock back and forth until they both cum at the same time. Now they're definitely ready for that anatomy test tomorrow.

Published: Sep 21, 2016

Tags: lesbian , retro , vintage

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