I recorded my first solo video while waiting for bae :)


Description: So I know that we've been posting videos of the two of us having sex, but I really wanted to try to record something on my own this time around. So while my boyfriend is taking a shower, I put on a white shirt (only a white shirt hehe) and the grab the camera. I start recording myself in the mirror and check out my booty lol. We have mirrors everywhere so I hop from one to the other in order to capture a bunch of different angles. I get in close and unbutton my shirt so you guys can take a look at my hot tits. I begin playing with my nipples and then slowly slide my hand down to my pussy. I can't help but bite my lip as my digits go inside. I try to keep the camcorder as steady as possible but it is tricky. While walking away from the mirror, I manage a good shot of my ass cheeks and then I climb onto the bed. I rest the video recorder on my stomach and it makes my breasts look like hills in the distance lol. I play with my vagina and capture my fingers rubbing my clit. I moan loudly as I go harder and faster. Then I stick two of my fingers inside and move them in and out. That's when I get really wet. I bring the cam close to my face as I cum the first time and you can tell that my body shakes like I just got electrocuted lol. My baby was still in the shower so I go for round two and I make myself cum for a second time. (He takes really long showers.) Finally, I record myself tasting the pussy juice on my hands. Call me crazy, but I love how I taste!

Published: Sep 21, 2016

Tags: homemade , amateur , solo

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