Colombian student with big ass fucks for tuition money


Description: It has been our mission since we arrived in the beautiful country of Colombia to have sex with as many women as possible. Chicks here in South America are extremely sexy. You cannot walk more than two blocks without coming across a hottie needing some cash. This time around, my boy Max Cartel started chatting with this girl on the internet who needed money for her college tuition. Or so she said. Well, that’s where we come in. All she had to do was give us the goods for 30 mins to get her full semester paid for. We meet up the 20-year-old student, Melani, on the balcony of our apartment. She is wearing a t-shirt that reads "shut up and kiss me", tight blue jeans, and she has her long brown hair in braided pig tails. She seems nervous at first, but we assure her that this will only appear on my blog, and that nobody is going to see it. This seems to do the trick. After offering to pay her tuition for the semester, she agrees to do some nude modeling. My boy whips out his dick without even asking if it would be OK, just to see what happens. Without missing a beat, she puts it in her mouth and starts earning her pay. I knew she had what it takes to be a star. Just like that, she was DTF and Max got her to sit on top of his dick. She bounced up and down and her small tits jiggled in a really cute way. She rode him cowgirl style, then bent of to take it doggy. It's crazy how girls all over the world know these universal positions. In the end, she got on her knees and stared up at Max with her beautiful brown eyes. He painted her jaw with a hot load of cum that left her looking dazed and confused. And just like that, friends, it's over. See you next time!

Published: Sep 22, 2016

Tags: amateur , latina , colombia

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