Stepmom is asleep and I'm playing with her naked body


Description: I love watching my stepmom sleep. She looks so pretty, and peaceful. Not a care in the world. At first, I would jack off while hiding in the doorway. But then I decided to be a little more brazen. I would get closer and closer each time. Today, I went all the way and interacted with her. I rubbed her body with my hands, and to my surprise, she did not wake up. So I took it even further. I put my big dick in her warm mouth. Her soft lips felt amazing on my cock. She must've thought she was dreaming because she started licking it like a lollipop. Or maybe she's secretly into it? I don't care, either way. All I know is that I'm getting off right now and I love it. I reach for her MILF pussy and finger it. I can tell she likes it by the expression on her face. I wonder if I should... put my dick in there... Fuck it. I spread her legs and slowly insert my penis. Her pussy looks amazing, even in the dark. She has a little bit of hair down there, very well-groomed. She really takes care of herself, and it shows. She smells great, like a woman. And she has a nice tan, too. She's really getting into it now, but she is still asleep. I turn her over doggy style and go harder. I actually want her to wake up and acknowledge me. I want her to know that her stepson is rocking her world. But she doesn't. So I leave my calling card on her ass cheeks, a fresh load of hot cum. Hopefully she'll ask me about it tomorrow.

Published: Sep 23, 2016

Tags: stepmom , creep , taboo

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