Ebony teen Katt Dylan fucks on camera for first time


Description: Today on BangBros we have the exotic Katt Dylan with us for Brown Bunnies (bkb9804) and she is the cutest bunny ever. She's a very soft-spoken 19-year-old that doesn't really like to go out much. She stays indoors for the most part and is on her computer playing video games most of the time. Awesome, but that's probably because she's a girl and they can pretty much do what they want. If I told girls I stayed inside all day playing video games they would tell me to grow up. But it's cool that she's a nerd and into science fiction. She has this look about her that's undefinable. There has to be some genetics involved here and I ask her what her background is. She says that her mother is from Thailand and that her father is black, white, and part Native American, too. Katt has some natural 34C tits and I ask her if I can see them. Without hesitation, she lifts up her shirt and lets those puppies free. Then we go inside so she can show me the rest of her amazing body. We go into the bathroom where she takes off her shorts and panties. She spreads her legs and shows me her perfect and tight pussy. She tells me that her favorite position is doggy style because she's lazy lol and it goes deeper that way. As for giving head, it depends on how she feels. Thankfully, today is a good day and she's feeling great. This is her first time having sex on camera and I'm happy to be the one to break her in. I introduce her to my friend, Johnny, and he's loving how cute she is, too. They get naked and she gives Johnny a blowjob before he pounds her in multiple positions. In the end, he gives Ms. Dylan a messy facial and some of the cum lands on her tits.

Published: Sep 22, 2016

Tags: katt dylan , black , ebony

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