Redhead Teen looks like Little Mermaid naked underwater


Description: Marketa is with her family at a luxury resort and they are having a ball. Today she decided to stay behind while the rest of the family went off on a hike in the mountains. The redhead teen heads outside to get some fresh air and chill by the pool. She grew up swimming all of the time so when she gets around water, the adventurous babe feels the need to jump in. She doesn't even bother removing her pretty sundress, either, and swims around the pool all alone like The Little Mermaid. If you have an underwater fetish, you'll want to pay attention. Marketa is a great swimmer and it doesn’t take long before you notice that she has nothing on under her dress. Her pretty round ass and nice perky tits look great under water as she does a little twerk dance in the midst of spinning around. Feeling good and having a great time, she decides to take the dress off and swim completely naked, even knowing that I’m in the water with my camera. I didn’t know that she was this hot and the moves she made in the water were fantastic. Her body looks perfect and elegant as she floats around. The way she arches her back and moves is mermaid-like and all I can say is wow. Marketa flipped and twirled all around the pool showing off her nautical skills and love for the water. Her hair flows like an angel's would. I have never seen anyone dance underwater like that, nor have I seen anyone with that much passion for pools. Her pretty ass jiggles when she pushes off the wall of the pull with one leg. She spends most of the day swimming in the nude and the rest of the day sitting poolside, gazing at the water. Wouldn't you just love to join her?

Published: Sep 22, 2016

Tags: underwater , pool , teen

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