Ron Jeremy fucks blonde waitress in crowded restaurant


Description: We ran into Ron Jeremy at a restaurant and we were waiting for his friend but she was taking a very long time to show up, and soon he was getting kind of aggravated. A blonde waitress with big tits by the name of Bridgett Lee came by to take his order and told him how much of a fan she is. The babe says she used to fantasize about his cock and she'd do anything to hang out with him. After some small talk, Ron asked her is there anywhere in the restaurant that they can have some privacy to make her fantasies come true. The horny waitress takes him to an upstairs area and didn’t even care that he had a cameraman with him. She’s willing to do anything to get a piece of the legend. The golden-haired babe drops to her knees and sucks his big cock with a smile right there in the restaurant. She quickly disrobes and starts sucking Ron's dick. Ron returns the favor by munching on her carpet. She greatly appreciated that as it moistened up her cunt for his large penis. Ron shoves his meat stick into her juice box and begins thrusting rhythmically. She shows him she can ride a dick but Ron prefers her where she belongs, on her back receiving pleasure. Ron Jeremy raw dogs Bridgett Lee and the video is a fucking masterpiece. The fit blonde MILF loves the famous dick she's taking. She aims to please him, possibly for the repeat business.

Published: Sep 23, 2016

Tags: ron jeremy , bridgett lee , waitress

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