Flexy Teens Russian gymnast does yoga poses in the nude


Description: Mila Gimnasterka is now one of the top gymnasts in Europe and she’s willing to prove it today. Once she walked in, I was speechless on how gorgeous she is from head to toe. Mila got right down to business, stretching and lifting her sweet legs in multiple positions, really making it look quite effortless. She showed her moves dressed in a light green skirt wrap with a matching top. She also wore ballet shoes. Her body stretches in every way possible that you can imagine. Mila can do some amazing things that the average person can’t and when she flexes, her black laced panties are exposed. This young babe did a full split and incorporated other moves while in the full split position, including laying her head all the way down to the floor. Mila started getting a little hot so I told her it’s okay if she wants to finish in just her panties. She took it a step further and removed all her clothing, continuing her flexible demonstration completely naked. Her legs are perfect and toned, and her arms are sexy. I noticed that she has a pretty, circular tattoo on her back, and her ass is perfectly shaped with clear and smooth skin. I sat quietly while filming her, and then it happened. Mila threw her leg back and you can see her pussy plain as day. It's so pretty with a little hair on it. She bent over giving a better view of her prize and it was amazing. All her splits and bends really show how flexible and talented she is. Also her beauty is unmatched and any man would love to have her. Mila told me that she hasn’t had sex in 2 years but now she’s ready to date. Are any of you interested?

Published: Sep 23, 2016

Tags: russian , mila gimnasterka , mila gimnasterka , gymnast

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