Carmen McCarthy the Pretty Girl Who Gets a Facial in HD


Description: Carmen McCarthy shows up to our BangBros studio for her closeup on Facial Fest (ff9986). She a pink hoodie and short shorts that showcase her sexy, thin and long legs. The director makes a dumb Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego show that does not go well. This video was shot in 2012, so there's a dated reference to the end of the world on December 21st. Do any of you remember the so-called "2012 phenomenon" aka Mayan calendar fiasco? Haha. Of course you don't. It's not important. Back to this hot babe, who is sporting some amazing blue eyes and a picture perfect smile. It's a damn shame this sexy broad is making porn because she could probably be a model or actress on TV. I am sure she's tried to be, but age is a mother fucker and she's already pushing 23. Can you believe she's already done over 100 scenes prior to filming this one? Maybe she just likes to fuck. That is a real possibility. When she is not sucking dick on camera, she is doing hair and makeup, or stripping. If you haven't figured it out yet, she is a wild girl. She gives the cameraman a little striptease and even climbs on his desk to show off her goods. When she is completely butt naked, she gets on her knees and starts sucking dick. Most of this video is filmed in POV. You really feel like you're right there, getting your cock sucked. She then bends over doggystyle and the director steps up to bat. He pounds her pussy effortlessly while holding the camera. She then gets on top of him to ride his cock and her hairless pussy is looking marvelous. Next, she turns around for a little reverse cowgirl action. Finally, she gets fucked in a missionary position and the video ends with the camera blowing his cum load all over her face, drenching her with an epic facial that she won't soon forget.

Published: Sep 24, 2016

Tags: carmen mccarthy , facial , pov , carmen mccarthy

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