Latina Xiemena Lucero Loses Poker Bet, Gives Tugjob


Description: The Latina beauty Xiemena Lucero is playing poker at the BangBros headquarters. All bets are in and she loses. What were the stakes? A handjob, of course. She graciously accepts her fate and makes her way over to the stud to give him what's owed to him. He lays back and she unzips his bro shorts. She pulls his pale white cock out and begins to stroke it like a champ. It's not hard to tell why she was chosen to appear on Tugjobs (hj12040) today. Her small but firm hands appear to have been made for stroking cocks. Halfway through the video her top comes off and that makes everything better. Her small tits look great on her petite frame. Her nipples are a light shade of brown, and pointy. One can't help but want to suck on them. I am surprised that this guy didn't get up to try! Maybe he was having too much fun laying down and being lazy. She doesn't talk much, but that's OK. She's very pretty and looking at her is more than enough to get us going. When home boy busts his nut, there ain't much there to brag about. He probably jerked off before coming to the set to avoid cumming too quickly. As a result, he most-likely emptied his reserves. Well, we won't hold it against him. Lucky for Xiemena, there won't be a lot of cleanup required since nothing really got on her. Most of the jizz landed on this dude's stomach, and he'll have to live with that for now. That's about it, folks. If you liked what you saw, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you.

Published: Sep 25, 2016

Tags: xiemena lucero , tugjob , xiemena lucero , latina

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