Mistress T performs pre-party milking on her sex slave


Description: Welcome back to Mistress T's digital sex dungeon. She is getting ready to host a kinky fetish party where she will be revered as the #1 femdom dominatrix in the business. But before she can go get her BDSM freak on, she needs to take care of her masked sex slave. A man wearing a tight leather outfit and a grotesque white mask rises at the command of his master. His dick is hanging out of his suit, ready to be milked. The hot MILF Mistress T is wearing a gold dress, and long black gloves. She grabs her servant's cock and begins jerking him off. She tells him she needs him dry and ready to please his guests. They don't want his cum, they only want to be fucked. Rich and powerful men are bringing their wives to be serviced and it is this guy's duty to perform. They are paying a lot of money to be cuckolded and they do not want to be disappointed. At this point in the video, Mistress T is standing up and facing her beautiful ass at the camera. I don't know about you, but my junk is hard a rock right now. She then gets on her knees and starts licking the tip of the minion's meat. This tease drives him to the edge and she does not hold up. The handjob continues with increasing speed and intensity. A deluge of hot cum springs forth from the devotee's erect penis and narrowly misses the camera lens. He pathetically moans as his seed drips out of his vas deferens. When she is satisfied that his nut sack has been completely drained of all its sperm, she dismisses the worm and carries on with her business. Her gloves have jizz on them and she needs to find a new pair.

Published: Sep 26, 2016

Tags: kink , fetish , mistress t

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