Jordanne Kali & Alberto Blanco oral sex in 69 position


Description: Jordanne Kali is a Spanish babe with the hots for Alberto Blanco. She wants his dick and she doesn’t care where they fuck. The have oral in a 69 position on a highway bridge, then fuck on the top of a car hood. This public display of affection is very real and risky! You can see cars passing by and even pedestrians and cyclists. One would have to have nerves of steel to do such a thing. And these two crazy lovers prove they have guts. Jordanne is looking sexier than ever, wearing cut off coochie cutter jean shorts that make her ass look amazing. Her body is covered in tattoos. You can just tell she is a wild girl who gives 0 fucks. Her pussy is perfectly shaved and looks flawless in the bright sun. Alberto digs deep in her pussy and gives it all he's got. His cock is hard like a rock. I guess he's an exhibitionist! Jordanne is looking casual and cool as a cucumber. I wonder if she does insane things like this every other day because she is not phased, not even one bit. In the end, Alberto delivers a powerful facial that paints Jordanne's face with cum. They rush to the car that is pulled over right next to them and drive off without even cleaning themselves up or getting dressed. What a rush! I guess that's why they call them Chicas Loca, which is Spanish for Crazy Girls. You'd have to be to participate in an outdoor shoot like this! It's amazing that they didn't get pulled over by the cops. I guess they survived to fuck in public another day haha. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to the channel. There will be more to come soon. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Published: Sep 27, 2016

Tags: latina , jordanne kali , spain , jordanne kali , spain

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