Passionate Lesbian Lovers Sicilia and Apolonia Lapiedra


Description: Andy Stone directs Running Out of Love for A Girl Knows in this epic Porndoe Premium HD clip. The free porn video begins with Sicilia aka Marie Silvia running down a balcony in athletic wear. She is wearing tight white yoga pants that reveal a white thong underneath. As she approaches the door, she removes her top in slow motion to free her nipples. In a thick Hungarian accent, she says "I need a shower" while taking off her clothes in her apartment. While in the bath, she uses the shower head to pleasure herself. Before you know it, her Spanish lesbian lover, Apolonia Lapiedra, shows up to the party and Sicilia is all over her, sucking nipples and tossing her salad. A lumpy pink vibrator appears out of thin air and is used to tickle Apolonia's pretty pussy. The action moves into the bedroom where the two babes engage in heavy lesbian foreplay. The brunette Apolonia fucks Sicilia's hairless pussy and drives her to the edge of ecstasy. The smitten blonde sprinter gazes lovingly into her partner's eyes, getting all sorts of feels that cement her commitment to this relationship. After she climaxes, they snuggle in bed as romantic piano notes play in the background. Using a piece of chalk, she scribes this message on a note board: Running For Love With Apollonia. If she wants that relationship to last, she's going to have to learn how to spell her name right! She thinks to herself, "Running is not my thing. But running for love... Running for love, it's a very different story. The camera pans down past Sicilia's cute little feet and focuses on an inscribed pillow that has the words "LOVE" and "France" etched onto it. Not sure what France has to do with this video, but it was a lovely way to wrap things up anyway. This is not only porn for women, but for sensitive guys, too. Subscribe to the channel for more content!

Published: Sep 28, 2016

Tags: lesbian , apologia lapiedra , apologia lapiedra , sicilia

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