Evie Olson Interview, Striptease and Masturbation Video


Description: Evie Olson is a gorgeous Latina with a big ass and she is ready to show you how she masturbates. But first, she sits through our interview and tells us all about herself and her sexual preferences. Before sex, she likes to build up anticipation. She has been known to leave little notes around the house, or even her panties. She's cute that way. When she is ready to do the deed, she'll kiss up on you and give you oral sex. While she cares about connecting emotionally with a person before sex most of the times, she's also just fine with hitting it and quitting it. When you do get her into bed, be sure to bring some small anal plugs and vibrators because she likes those. And she likes it when a guy fingers her, too. Be sure to focus on her clit if you're ever lucky enough to do so. If nobody else does that for her, she'll do it for herself, on the daily. Sometimes twice a day. She sounds like a winner, doesn't she? The only catch is, she won't do anal sex. Not yet anyway. Maybe she is waiting for that special guy to come around. Maybe she is waiting for you. When she does finally let someone in through the back door, you can expect it to be wild experience because this girl admittedly likes it rough. She likes it when her hair and hands get pulled back, especially during doggystyle sex. Want to impress her on a date? Take her to the beach or a library. Those are the two places she hasn't had sex yet. Good to know right? After the interview is over, Evie Olson slowly takes off her clothes and climbs into bed. The screen splits in two with one camera focusing on her pretty face and the other focuses on her hot pussy. She touches herself and moans sensually. This is such an intimate moment and it is perfectly caught on tape. In the end, she builds up to a climax and has a powerful orgasm.

Published: Sep 29, 2016

Tags: evie olson , masturbation , split screen , evie olson

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