Latina from Colombia with the best body I've ever seen


Description: I'm out on the town with my buddy, Max, and we're with a beautiful Colombian girl named Emma that has the most amazing big tits I've ever seen. It's night out and we're looking for action. I have my camera in tow and she's curious to know why I am filming our discussion. I let her know that I operate a blog and I have fans out there. My buddy did the translation, as per usual. But it turns out she speaks a little bit of English, so my gringo ass is in luck! LOL We gave her the usual pitch. We offered her cash money to model for us, and we told her it would only be seen by a small amount of people. Her price was 2 million for 1 hour of her time, which is roughly $700 in US currency. I counter-offered with half of that amount and assured her we'd only be taking pictures. She accepted. We took her to a club where we got to know each other a little bit in a private VIP area of the balcony. She took off her clothes and, my god, I've never seen a more perfect body. The bright lights highlighted every single one of her flawless curves and we were speechless. It didn't take long for her to drop to her knees and suck dick. We brought her back to our place and that's when the party truly started. Max ate her out on the bed and then smashed that pussy in multiple positions, with no condom! She moaned and starting saying a bunch of shit in Spanish. It was so fucking hot. In the end, Max came in her mouth. She looked like she had a great time. I bet she didn't even notice that we forgot to pay her haha.

Published: Jan 16, 2017

Tags: latina , colombia , perfect

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