Summer Knight Interview and Split Screen Masturbation


Description: Ebony goddess Summer Knight sits down with Pornspot's I Touch Myself for an intimate interview during a thunderstorm, which she admits turns her on. She tells us that she ideally likes to have sex at least three times a week, but she's always willing to do more. She loves watching a guy's penis get erect because it lets her know that she's doing a good job. If you're going down on her, be sure to caress and grab her ass as much as possible. If you're wondering when her last orgasm was, she can confirm that it was 2 days ago. She gave it to herself while masturbating in the shower. Pleasuring herself is very important because it makes her feel beautiful, and it feels good. She enjoys it so much that she does it every other day. As for foreplay, she'll spend anywhere from 10-15 minutes on it. But then she'd like to quickly move on to having sex so she can do it doggystyle. That is her favorite sexual position because she likes the way her ass looks in the air. And with that, our interview concludes. Before she jumps on the bed, she needs to get naked first. Two cameras are set up to capture her from the front and the back. As she slowly undresses, we get to admire her perfect figure. She has a slim physique, with sexy long legs and pretty natural tits. After she performs her little striptease, she climbs into bed and licks her fingers. It's go time. The screen splits in two with her face on the left side and her pussy on the right side. We get to enjoy her sensual solo performance for over 15 minutes. She rubs and slaps her pussy and digs her fingers in deep as she builds up to the climax.

Published: Oct 6, 2016

Tags: summer knight , masturbation , split screen

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