Stepmom unexpectedly seduces me and takes my virginity


Description: I was hanging out at my dad's house for the weekend, waiting for my friends to come over when all of a sudden my stepmom walks into the living room butt ass naked. She's complaining that I'm messy and I don't pick up my shit, which I have to admit is true. But forget all that, why does she not have any clothes on? Her excuse is that she's doing laundry. Oh, OK, that makes sense, I guess. I'm trying to listen to what she is saying, but I am totally distracted by her big ass. I've always admired her over the years. My dad has really good taste in women. She noticed that I was staring at her curves, so she got closer to gauge my interested, and that's when she noticed my boner. I didn't know how she'd react, but it was better than expected. She pulled my dick out and admired how big it is. I guess maybe the old man doesn't stack up hehe. She started stroking me and told me this could be our little secret. That works for me! If my pops found out, he would probably whoop my ass, so I definitely want to keep this on the downlow. She then put my cock in her mouth and gave me my very first blowjob. I can't believe my luck. And then it only got better... She planted her big round ass on my lap and buried my penis in her warm pussy. She rode me like in the porn videos I jack off to every day, and I lost my virginity to my stepmom just like that. She then finished me off with her hands and I came so hard. I think I have a crush on my step mom. Should I tell my friends about this? I wonder if they'd be jealous, or if they'll make fun of me.

Published: Oct 14, 2016

Tags: pov , bbw , taboo

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