Curvy Latina Hotel Maid with Big Ass Gives VIP Service


Description: I've been watching these amateur cock flashing videos online and they've inspired me. I don't want to be a copycat like some of these other guys and follow the formula, so I've decided to put my own spin on it. I've always had a fetish for housekeepers. It all started when a hotel maid walked in on me masturbating once. She didn't freak out. She just carried on with her business and left. It turned me on so much that I tried it again, but I kept going. I didn't stop. After a while, it became a hobby of sorts. Now I am going to film it on a hidden camera, so you guys can watch. Today I hit up a new hotel. I made sure the "privacy please" sign was not on my door, too, because sometimes I forget. I was laying on the bed, waiting with my cock in my hand when the housekeeper walked in. She was a young, curvy Latina in blue scrubs with glasses and a ponytail. She was caught off guard, but she didn't freak out. She kept on working, as expected, but she took a real interest in me. I told her she can join me if she wanted to, and to my surprise she did. She sat on the bed and started playing with my cock, which she then put in her mouth. The blowjob was amazing, but I wanted more. She took off her uniform and her small natural tits looked amazing. She kept her pink panties on, which was fine with me. She sat on my dick and rocked back and forth, dry humping me. She then turned around so I could marvel at her round big ass while she kept grinding. It was awesome. When I was ready to cum, she put my dick in her mouth and stroked it until I jizzed all over her tongue and hands. Finally, she got dressed and walked out of the run, back to work. You better believe she's going to get a good tip from me!

Published: Oct 12, 2016

Tags: maid , latina , housekeeper

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