Petite 20 Year Old Colombian Goddess with Perfect Body


Description: Today's video opens up with Max and me on the street, discussing the next piece of Colombian ass that he plans to dominate. He's got his sights fixed on a petite 20-year-old Latina with a nice body. Suddenly, she shows up out of nowhere. I didn't think she was going to meet with us so soon, but there you have it. Max does not fuck around. This little chick's name is Alice. She has a gorgeous smile and long, fine hair. Fortunately for her, she does not speak English, because I am in full shit-talking mode today. I joke about how I'm a scumbag that likes to mutt sluts out on videotape, get friends to cum on their faces and broadcast it to all of the internet. She laughs, but she has no idea what the hell I am saying HAHA. Yeah, I'm pretty much going to hell. We give her the whole spiel: I'm a travel blogger and photographer looking for talent... Not a lot of people will see this... Yadda, yadda. It's enough to get her to come back to our apartment with us. We get her to strip down to her underwear on the balcony in broad daylight. She tells us she's only ever been with one guy, but that she's good at sucking dick. We want proof. Max offers her a lot of money to get on her knees and go to town in full view of the public. I will be honest, I didn't think she'd do it... but she totally did! And she got into it. We brought her inside to continue and it really got her riled up. Max managed to seal the deal and bury his big cock in her tight, hairless pussy. That gash must've been real good because Max could not hold out for too long. He came all over her face made quite a mess. There was sperm on her chin, in her eyes, in her hair... It was epic. I hope you enjoyed this one because there is more to cum.

Published: Oct 22, 2016

Tags: amateur , petite , colombian

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