I Fucked My Co-Worker and She Doesn't Want You to Know


Description: Everyone has that one co-worker they're obsessed with, right? That one incredibly sexy person that always looks fly at the office no matter what they're wearing... That one employee you befriend on social media so you can look at all of their scantily clad vacation photos and jerk off to them in secret... Haha. Yeah, well last week I fucked my "one" at my job. I pulled out my cellphone and started recording her just to see what she'd do. She was a little shy at first, but I got her show me her tits and I knew I was going to score. She offered to make me some coffee and I graciously accepted. Not long after that, she came back to our station naked! I couldn't believe my luck. She was wearing a purple thong that made her butt look incredible. I pulled out my dick and she put a donut on it and started to eat it haha. What a freak. She then sucked my dick real good to clean up the mess she made. I got up and had her lean over the desk. I pulled her panties off and fingered her a bit. I then jammed my big cock in her cunt and went to town. When I was ready to cum, she dropped to her knees and sucked me off a bit. I then came all over her huge rack and made quite a mess. She asked me not to show anyone this video so she wouldn't get in trouble. I agreed not to. But then the next day, I tried to hook up with her again and she blew me off. She is not returning my calls, and she's given me a ton of attitude at work. I am feeling a little hurt, so to get revenge I decided to share this video with all of you guys on Pornspot. What are the odds that she will find out, anyway? I am not even going to stress about it. Hope you guys enjoy the show!

Published: Oct 30, 2016

Tags: work , amateur , black

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