Skinny blonde plays with my balls while I flash dick


Description: Hey I'm back with a new video for you guys. This one is a bit different, though. I thought I'd have some fun with the editing. Hope you like it! I came across a petite blonde while jerking off in my car. She told me her name was Nicole. I was attracted to her slim body. She was very pale and bony, all the things I look for in women. She did not run away at the sight of my dick so I knew she was a freaky girl. Her tongue had a snake bite piercing. I wanted to know what that would feel like on my cock, but she was not down to suck it. Instead, she played with my balls and opened her mouth for me to imagine my penis was inside there. What a tease! I was as aggressive as I could be without crossing the line. I really wanted to let her know I was attracted to her. I tried asking her out on a date, but she did not seem too enthusiastic about the possibility. She took my number down and said she would send me a text later that day, but she did not. She left me hanging! I guess she's a rip-and-dipper. She seemed genuinely pleased with my cock, though. It was looking better than ever in this video. Normally, I don't get this rock hard, but living my flashing fantasy was like taking Viagra or something because my dong was solid! And when I came, I shot my load everywhere. It got all over my seat, too haha. What a powerful cumshot that was. She was impressed! I even got some hot jizz on her hand, too. I was really hoping that she would reach out to me later because I didn't have any plans that night. Oh, well. At the end of the day, I got what I came for. (Pun intended.) What more can a flasher ask for?

Published: Nov 7, 2016

Tags: flash , public , flashing

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