Latina Valery Santos is back for more of Max's big dick


Description: Max is a straight up player. He fucked a girl the other night and the dick was so good that she came back the next day. Her name is Valery Santos and she is a Latin babe with a banging body and a big round butt. She looks great in a bikini, I tell you what, but I am eager to get her naked. She's sitting on a leather futon covered up with a towel. What the fuck, right? We fix that situation pretty quickly. We get her to stand up and show off her amazing figure. She has a well-defined midsection, too. You can tell she works out. When Max appears in front of the camera to worship her ass, you'll notice he is wearing a yarmulke. I won't comment on that, but I did want to point it out because I felt it might be weird not to haha. But I digress! Max is enthralled by that big booty. She rubs it and spanks it like it'll bring him good luck. He lies on his back on the futon and lets Valery get in between his legs. The camera now shifts to a POV angle. We get to admire her naked body from the front. Her tits are small but natural and perky. Her left boob has a tattoo under it. I have no idea what it says, and I don't really care. She does a wonderful job of sucking Max's cock. He gets excited real quick, though, and gets up to eat her ass before getting all up in there and smashing that pussy hard. I don't know what's gotten into Max, it's like he is possessed. He aggressively humps her smacks her ass at the same time, like a savage. I expected him to move into a few different positions, but I guess it was too much for him. He quickly put Valery on her knees and ejaculated all over her face. They asked her if she liked it while the cum was still on her nose and cheeks. She said, "Yes." That's what I like to hear. Till next time, friends! Don't forget to leave some comments down below. Peace out!

Published: Nov 5, 2016

Tags: valery santos , colombia , ass , valery santos

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