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Description: Max woke my ass up bright and early today and brought my ass to the gym. I was sort of grumpy about it until he informed me that one of my favorite Colombian girls, Emma, is in the house. This chick was in one of our previous videos ( You will recall that she is 19-years-old and has a perfect body. And this is why: While lazy fucks like me are in bed sleeping the day away, she is in the gym working out, doing squats and shit. All of that effort obviously pays off, though, because she looks incredible. And I think she is even hotter than I remembered. She admitted to us how much she enjoyed being filmed and how much she loved dick. So of course, I got her back up to the room right away where, once again, this Latina beauty didn’t disappoint. We enjoyed undressing her. We admired her tight teen body and all natural ass and tits. It does not get much better than this, ladies and gentlemen. After showing off her ass and smacking it around a bit, Emma dropped to her knees and took Max's dick in her mouth. She took her time pleasuring his cock, sucking it nice and slow. That is the true mark of a talented fellatio artist. As we all know, Max blows his load pretty quickly when a girl gives good head, so it is not long before her gets her on all fours. He drills her pussy like a stud and she takes every last inch. You can tell she is having the time of her life, too. This girl is a straight up whore. Max moves her around in several positions and puts his hand around her throat as per usual. I love watching two freaks smash. This is a match made in heaven right here. When Max is ready to pop, he leaves Emma lying on her back as he looms over her face and unleashes his nut all over her mouth. He made quite a mess! Emma looks pretty chill with all of that cum on her precious face. Max caresses her cheeks and forehead while calling her a slut. It looks like Max wore her out haha. Good job,

Published: Jan 18, 2017

Tags: natural tits , teen , colombian

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