I helped my sister get ready & then I came on her face


Description: I was hanging out in my room beginning a new book, How The Web Was Won, when my pretty black step sister walked in to ask for some advice. She wanted help picking out an outfit for her date tonight. I pride myself on being helpful, so I decided to give her the time of day. I asked to see what the options were. She came back with some clothes and I asked her to try them on. She told me to turn around, which I did at first, but I took a peek to see what she was working with. Hot damn, my sister is banging! I paid her a compliment and she gave me a weird look. I asked to see what shoes she was going to wear, too. I asked her to try them on and she bent over in front of me to put on the strappy black boots. She didn't ask me to turn away this time. I took note of that. She came and sat next to me and started rubbing on my penis. I told her this isn't right, but she insisted. I did not put up much of a fight haha. She pulled my dick out and started sucking on it. Her soft lips felt like magic on my sensitive uncircumcised cock. She blew me like a pro. How many cocks has my sister sucked, I wonder? Maybe she was using me as a warm up for tonight. Hey, I did not mind it one bit. What are step brothers for, after all? She picked up the pace and I could not hold it back any longer. My sister was about to taste my cum and I was excited! I edged closer and closer and finally climaxed with incredible force. I covered her pretty ebony face with buckets of hot cum. In retrospect, I hear the b-12 vitamins in sperm are good for skin. So her date can thank me later when she shows up to dinner looking radiant tonight LOL. Man, that was kind of awkward, but it was super cool at the same time.

Published: Dec 2, 2016

Tags: interracial , stepsister , stepbrother

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