I spied on my black stepsister & then we had taboo sex


Description: I had such a good time the last time I hung out with my sister that I decided to pay her a little visit... without announcing myself. I spied on her in her bedroom while she had phone sex with her boyfriend. Yeah, "boyfriend". The date went well, thanks to me and my help. She is laying on her bed completely naked. Her body looks amazing. She catches me snooping and confronts me after hanging up the phone. She covers up her private parts while she attempts to kick me out of the room. I ask her what she's up to and she tells me she was talking with her boyfriend. I remind her that she has a real dick in the house and that makes her smile. She thanks me for helping her pick out an outfit for her date the other day but she says that now is not a good time. I told her it's the perfect time because our parents are out of the house. This gives her pause and she ultimately agrees. She's already horny and naked, so what does she have to lose? I lay naked on her bed and she begins to play with my flaccid cock. She puts it in her mouth and sucks it until I get an erection. She maintains eye contact with me the entire time. She then begins to rub her tits for me as she writhes in ecstasy. Her pussy is cleanly shaved and she rubs it while moaning loudly. I put my finger inside of it to take her temperature. It is very tight and very warm, much to my excitement. I really want to fuck her this time. She gets on top of me and puts my penis in her vagina. It is everything I'd hoped for. I stare at her tits as she grinds on my dick. She then turns around and I marvel at her beautiful young ass as it bounces up and down on my cock. She then sucks me off until I ejaculate all over her face again and some of it gets on her chest. She licks the tip of my dick and kicks me out of her room for good this time.

Published: Dec 9, 2016

Tags: stepsister , stepbrother , taboo

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