Books, Marker Foreplay and a Young Euro Couple in Love


Description: If you are a romantic and you like books, gorgeous cinematography and/or beautiful people with amazing natural bodies, then you need to pay attention to this excellent clip from Verso Cinema. The scene opens with a young man with a stubble beard writing on a red piece of paper. He then writes on his girlfriend who is there in the room with him. They're in a study. The wall is lined with bookshelves full of encyclopedias and literature. The young lady playfully removes her shirt and sits down on a chair, calling for her lover to follow. He complies and asks her to turn around. He then begins to write "We're Ivy" on her body with his marker. This is foreplay for bibliophiles. Her breasts are large and real. Her face is round and cute. Her smile will melt your heart. She is so very pretty. The man stands up and begins to undress. His cock is uncut and average in size, which is a refreshing contrast to most of the penises you see in porn these days. She gives him a passionate blowjob that leaves him writhing in pleasure. He returns the oral pleasure with cunnilingus. She stands up and leans against the book shelf and he writes "I feel you" right beneath her pierced belly button before tickling her clit with his tongue. Her vagina is cleanly shaved and beautiful. While still leaning on the bookshelf, they engaged in intercourse. We can see the young woman from the front. Her tits and body look incredible. There is a thin layer of sweat on her pale white body that makes her look like she is glowing. They shift into a doggystyle position that concludes in a powerful cumshot that leaves a load of hot jizm on the woman's lower back. She sits on his back and he draws a little heart on her palm. That is the universal symbol for love.

Published: Nov 18, 2016

Tags: romantic , erotic , books

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