Makeup, tattoos, and European hipster lesbians... Oh my


Description: Alright fans of Verso Cinema and artsy porn in general. Are you tired of all the crappy and fake lesbian porn you see every day? Try this awesome European clip on for size. The country is Spain and they are, naturally, speaking Spanish. The scene opens with a very cinematic shot of some makeup brushes. Two hot alt chicks are in a bedroom and one is helping to beautify the other. The one girl is very self-conscious. She does not believe she is attractive. The makeup artist reassures her that she is by telling her she is getting horny just by looking at her. This leads to a kiss, which leads to passionate making out and getting undressed. Their bodies are covered in tattoos. Their hair is long and silky smooth. The insecure is the first to go downtown for cunnilingus. They then get into a 69 position. They are fully naked at this point. They stare sit up and stare into each other's eyes as they finger themselves and smile. More pussy licking ensues and the make artist begins to get fingered. She returns the favor and gives her pal an orgasm. The room is dark. It appears to be evening time. They are going to bed but not before applying some lipstick. It's interesting stuff, isn't it? If you like what you see, click on the link below for more. Or check out our channel for more unique and artsy porn videos. We have several available for your viewing and masturbatory pleasures.

Published: Nov 25, 2016

Tags: spanish , tattoos , european

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