Watching her squirm brings us him a lot of pleasure


Description: We're on the set of a porno. A handsome man with light beard and a nice body kisses his pretty co-star who is wearing sexy lingerie. She opens his shirt to reveal a hairy chest. She takes off his pants and pulls out his cock. She goes down on him and sucks his dick. She licks his balls, too. He puts a dildo inside of her and makes her feel good. We then get a chance to peek behind the curtain where Lucie Blush is behind the scenes making her movie. The action continues and the penetration begins. The female begins to squirm. Her face contorts and makes elaborate expressions of both pain and pleasure. She gets on top of him and he sucks on her breasts while she grinds on his penis. She is loving every moment of this encounter, and so is he. They make out and embrace each other like passionate soul mates. When all is said and done, they take a swig of water and relax. Job well done. The full version of this video is even better. You all really need to see it. Click on the link below to do just that.

Published: Nov 28, 2016

Tags: for women , behind the scenes , passionate

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