Pale white redhead with freckles rides big dick on bus


Description: The infamous Bang Bus has a very special celebrity lookalike on it today that goes by the name of Lindsey Springer. She is a college student that gets picked up on the side of the road by Preston, Mike and Tony Albino. Lindsey is a 21-year-old redhead white girl with blue eyes from Jacksonville who is in Miami, FL, for school. Preston is bewildered by her whiteness. She looks like a fish out of water and that excites Preston. She gets offered $20 to do an interview for the "school paper". She takes the bite and climbs into the sketchy van with all of the guys. She claims to have a boyfriend, but nobody cares. Preston wants to know if her firecrotch is intact. She says, no, it is shaved. This disappoints Preston. She wants to know why they're talking about her pussy. I have a feeling she's about to find out. They ask her to pull out her tits and, surprisingly, she does. Her pale white titties are natural and pretty. Her nipples are pink and suckable. They ask her how much it would cost to fuck her and run a train on that ass. Tony pulls out his dick and she is very interested and DTF. Her boyfriend doesn't satisfy her needs, apparently, so she's open to getting some action. Tony sits on the back seat and grabs the camera for some POV blowjob action. Lindsey is covered in freckles. She is so sexy and feisty. Tony puts on a rubber and fucks her doggy style. She then rides him and her white ass looks marvelous. After a few more positions he cums all over her face and tits. She cleans up and they drop her off at some random building that they say is her school. Before she can figure out she's been duped, they speed off into the sunset. What a bunch of jerks.

Published: Nov 23, 2016

Tags: lindsey springer , public , lindsey springer , bangbus

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