Angel Cakes & Angelina Castro are Babes with Big Asses


Description: On the streets of Midtown in Miami, FL, the BangBros crew is out and about with two of the hottest sluts in the world--Angel Cakes and Angelina Castro. These girls are Latinas with big asses and all-around curvy bodies. This is what you would expect to see in an Ass Parade (ap8069) video. The walks up to the camera and show off their badonkadonks. Angelina Castro is full-figured and tan with a pair of big tits that will bring tears to your eyes. Angel Cakes is a bit more slim, but she is still pretty thick. She is pale white and cute as all hell. They're leaning on a wall that is covered in graffiti. No matter how good that art is, your eyes will always be on the booty. They walk around the town as cars drive by with their asses hanging out in thongs. It's incredible. Back at the crib, Max Cartel and his beefcake buddy are admiring their round mounds. The boys sit down and the girls suck their dicks. I am dying of envy. The cameraman gets up close to capture the magic. A short while later, the girls climb on top of the cocks to ride. Their asses bouncing up and down will hypnotize you. If you are an ass man, this full-length free porn video will send you over the edge. The focus is definitely on their perfect booties. When it is all said and done, these babes fall to their knees and take facials to the face. This is incredible, right? And you can watch it all for the price of NOTHING. You don't even have to sign up for an account to enjoy this goodness. You're welcome, perverts :)

Published: Nov 26, 2016

Tags: angelina castro , latina , angel cakes , angel cakes

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