Taylor Vixen, Niki Brooks & Jesse Jordan Slumber Party


Description: Today on Power Munch (pm5749), the girls are having a sleepover. Taylor Vixen, Niki Brooks and Jesse Jordan are having a slumber party and they're dressed very girly in colorful outfits and long, playful socks. Of course, as with most sleepovers that involve hot women, the tits come out and the lesbian activity begins. This is how I wanted that one scene from Grease to go. But instead them bitches made fun of Sandy and that killed the mood for everyone. In this full-length free BangBros porn, everyone is happy and in high spirits. The girls start sucking on each other's tits and making out. And then the pillow fight ensues. Feathers fly all around the room. I pity the fool that has to clean up this mess! Moments later, dildos and vibrators show up to the party. Panties are pulled off and probes are inserted in tight places. Their bodies are tight and sexy. Some of them have big asses and big tits. They joyfully interact with the female director who appears to be having as much fun as these girls. Every single one of them has an orgasm. When all is said done, there is pussy juice and pillow feathers everywhere. These are signs of a good time.

Published: Nov 29, 2016

Tags: jesse jordan , niki brooks , taylor vixen , niki brooks

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