Curvy Latina Amateur from Colombia Gets Big Ass Fucked


Description: It is another beautiful day in Colombia and we have the quiet and shy Latina, Camila Jones, visiting today. She was looking so good in her little thong and bra black lingerie. She showed off her body a little bit and even did some squats. Can you believe that she's a nurse? The nurses down here really take care of themselves. She shook her phat ass for us and that's when Max Cartel's boner kicked into overdrive. Doing those things got her in the mood because the South American bombshell then crawled on all fours right towards Max and started sucking his big dick. We have some good POV blowjob scenes in this episode (cff15519) for you. You can watch her deepthroat and licks balls like the slut that she is. I then have Max stand by the window so we can get a nice view of the city and mountains in the background. This is such a beautiful country and we want to feature it as much as possible. But the star of the show is the Colombian women, so I get a nice closeup of her face as she swallows that D. We get Camila to lay on her back and Max jams his rod down her throat. He even tea bags her just for giggles. Her oral sex skills are so good that Max takes a seat and lets her finish him off with her mouth. Max stands up and grunts like an animal as he paints her face with hot cum. She doesn't react much. I guess she's used to it. Max says she looks like a sexy Pocahontas. I can see that. What do you guys think? Alright, we're out this bitch. See you next time!

Published: Nov 29, 2016

Tags: camila jones , colombia , camila jones , colombian

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