Asian Hottie Smokes, Eats Fast Food and Fucks - Part 1


Description: A creepy Russian man brings home an Asian hottie with a cute face. She pulls out a pipe and starts smoking a green substance. I am not quite sure that substance is, but it makes them hungry. Luckily, they have some American fast food with them: burgers and tiny fried nuggets of chicken. As they munch out, the oriental girl tells him about her last boyfriend. The guy could not satisfy her needs and she did not have time to teach him what to do. Plus, he had a small dick. This pervert feels like he can help her out so he asks her to take off her shirt. She does so and reveals her very pretty, near-perfect natural tits. She reaches for the pipe and continues to inhale the mysterious substance. The man sucks on her nipples while she puffs away. She has a cigarette while the man undresses her and plays with her pussy over her Hello Kitty underwear. Speaking of kitties, her pussy is completely shaved. She is so damn hot and it is driving this man insane. He asks her to get naked, but she makes him wait until she finishes her smoke. The man continues to play with her pussy in the meantime. When he finally does get her naked, he gives us a tour of her body with his camera. She is flawless and attractive as all hell. To reward him for his patience, she puts his cock in her warm mouth and happy deepthroats it. She says it is very tasty. I bet everything is tasty for her right now. What happens next? You'll have to watch part 2 to find out. Go to our channel and you'll find part 2 there waiting for you now.

Published: Nov 17, 2016

Tags: fast food , smoking , russian , fast food

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