Asian Hottie Smokes, Eats Fast Food and Fucks - Part 2


Description: If you have not seen part 1, be sure to check it out on our channel before continuing with this video. This video picks up where we left off in Russia. This black-haired Oriental beauty is sucking cock and feeling good. She bends over doggystyle and readies her ass for anal sex. Her butt hole is so loose that the cock slips right in, but it is a little bit tight so lube is called for. That gives the man extra easy access to her back door. But she insists that he fuck her pussy, and he obliges. Meanwhile, he shoves his thumb in her ass hole and eventually fetches a big clear dildo that he puts in her ass as well. He continues fucking her pussy but that is not kinky enough for this dude. He grabs a bottle of milk and pours it all over the horny lady. He rams his fingers deep in her pussy and makes her squirm. His dick is rock hard so he gets underneath and jams his dick in her snatch. He rocks her world and makes her feel good. He then leans back and holds her head while he jerks off and cums all over her face. Her makes her lick the sticky icky off of his shaft, and then they get up for a smoke. I don't know about you, but this guy is my hero. He knows how to treat a lady to a good time, don't you agree? We can all learn a thing or two from him. Well, I hope you had a blast. If you are looking for more Russian porn, check out our channel!

Published: Nov 18, 2016

Tags: anal , asian , milk

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