We turned our home into a youth hostel - trailer


Description: Hello Internet and welcome to another edition of Blue Pill Men. In this episode our friend Liz needed a place to stay for a little while until she found herself a new apartment. So we decided it might be a swell idea to turn our home into a youth hostel and let her come by for a stay. Now let me tell you something about Liz. She is one beautiful girl. And she is hard working too as she works hard stripping at our favorite strip club and watering hole. We couldn't find it in our hearts to charge her money for the room, so we came to an arrangement. She agreed to clean up around the house, make some food, do the laundry and whatnot. And she even volunteered to do this completely naked or nude to the layperson. Well one thing led to another and let me just say that when you have a beautiful naked young girl in the house with a bunch of horny old men with magicial blue pills, blowjobs and sex is bound to happen.

Published: Jan 15, 2016

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