That's Right, She's My Sister... So What - Part 2 of 4


Description: My petite Russian step sister was doing her chores, vacuuming the living room in a tight little outfit that included a pink sleeveless top, a short skirt, and white pantyhose that featured tiny pink hearts on it. Her hair was in pigtails with pink hair clips in it which is typical for a teen such as herself. She looked so cute and when I walked in I decided to mess with her a bit. I told her she missed a spot and got her to give me some attention. That's when the funk music inexplicably kicks in and she takes off her top while sitting on my lap to reveal her a-cup mosquito bite small tits. She drops to her knees and pulls my dick out of my black jeans. I remove my old t-shirt and stare down at her as she sucks my Eastern European big cock. She looks into my eyes as she struggles to take it all in her mouth. She has not yet learned to deepthroat, but that's OK because we have time. She isn't moving out anytime soon and neither am I. She gets on all fours on the couch and I lower her pantyhose and bury my bareback big dick in her tight pussy. Her ass hole is gaping right above it, calling my name. I wish I could take her anal virginity, but she's not ready yet. That's OK because I am nothing if not patient. Plus that pussy is really good so I am not wanting for anything else at the moment. She sucks her pussy juices off my cock and continues to ride that pony. We fuck in multiple positions until I cannot take it any longer. I ejaculate inside of her cunt and fill her up with a giant load of cum. This was one of the greatest creampies I've ever given her. The sperm oozes out of her pussy and falls back onto my penis. Yes, I know this is irresponsible because we are siblings, but I do not care. I have her suck the jizm off my penis to finish me off and just like that it's over.

Published: Dec 6, 2016

Tags: petite , russian , creampie

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