Reminiscing with my sister about when we played house


Description: I am looking for my stepmom because she told me she'd give me a ride to my girlfriend's house. My car has been having trouble lately, so I am very thankful for her help. Now, if only I can find her. I think I'll try asking my stepsister. I walked into her room and asked her if she'd seen her mom. She said, no, but she invited me to stay in her room and chat for a little while. I might as well, since there is a lot to catch up on. We sat on her bed and she started to reminisce and she asked me why I haven't been around. I told her I've been busy with work and school, and my needy girlfriend. She seemed eager to reconnect. She asked me for a foot rub and I was happy to oblige. My little sister has nice feet. Her legs are nice, too, and long and skinny. She's wearing a yellow Sunday dress with a floral pattern. She looks so cute. I start feeling guilty and I bring up my girlfriend again, but she shuts that noise down quick. She tells me to stick around and wait for mom because there is nothing else I can do in the meantime. She's right. She feels my dick getting hard with her feet and takes that as an invitation to pull my dick out of my shorts, like in the good old days when we played house and doctor. She made a comment that my dick is bigger than my father's. How would she know? I wish she would stop talking about my dad's cock because that is weird. But not as weird as her sucking my dick, I suppose. She puts my erect penis into her mouth and stares into my eyes as she deep throats it. I am afraid my girlfriend will kill me and I told her as much. She threatened to stop the blowjob if I keep talking about my gf, so I am no longer going to bring it up. This will have to be our little secret. She takes off her dress and sits on top of me. I can hear and feel her bones click as she rides me like a cowgirl. Her body is so thin. Her tits are small but cute. I missed staring at my sister's naked body. She must be very horny because her pussy is really juicy.

Published: Jan 6, 2017

Tags: petite , sister , stepsister

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