Duke gives a smash to Lisa


Description: Hello everyone and welcome to our newest episode of Blue Pill Men. This week we present to you not one but two pretty new faces. The first one is Lisa. Lisa is a lovely young lady that responded to one of our advertisements we placed in a local newspaper. I must tell you that I was pleasantly surprised when I first met her. Very pretty face and a very pretty body too. I have to say that when I was 20 years old I didn't have much luck with girls that looked like Lisa! This episode we also introduce you to our friend Duke. Duke is an old friend of mine from the neighborhood. We grew up together riding our bicycles and playing stick ball. Well, he got divorced a few years back and is retiring from his job as assistant football coach to the local technical college. He is strong like a bull since he went to the wellness clinic and his testosterone levels are now the same as an 18 year old. We brought these two together, and from there quite a bit of stuff happened. And by stuff I mean dirty stuff like blowjobs, asshole licking, pussy fucking and Duke even managed to get a load of his dusty old cum out of his rusty old pipe. She didn't seem to mind. Enjoy!

Published: Feb 3, 2016

Tags: petite , old vs young , 18 years old , duke , blue pill men , hardcore

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