Sex is one of humankind's most basic physiological needs. A lot of our day to day lives revolve around sex, partially from the media blasting us with suggestive content; the other part being our own desires of the people around us.


There are many types of sex and many positions to be performed. The more you experiment, the more you and your partner will enjoy having sex.


Kinds of Sex  


Sex has come a long way from being Mother Nature’s way of reproduction. Over the course of thousands of years, people have creatively come up with a variety of different ways to pleasure themselves and their partner.


Vaginal Sex: When people think of sex, vaginal sex may be what comes to mind. Vaginal sex is when a man sticks his penis into a woman, or a woman sticks a sex object (such as a dildo) into another woman. Vaginal sex is fun, but there are others to be explored.


Oral Sex: When teenagers want to take their first step into a sexually active lifestyle, many choose oral sex. Why? Because they believe they maintain their virginity. But, oral sex is sex. Oral sex is when the mouth has contact with the genitals.


Anal Sex: Although some people believe that anal sex is only for homosexual men, anal sex is, in fact, for everyone. Anal sex is when a penis or sexual toy (i.e., dildo) penetrates the anus. It can be very painful if done incorrectly (if no lubricant is used), but when done properly, it can be a very pleasurable form of sex.


Masturbation: Yes, masturbation is a kind of sex, as it involves touching yourself to achieve sexual gratification. It’s just sex by yourself.


Mutual Masturbation: This is when you masturbate in front of your partner, and vice versa.


Popular Sex Positions


There are too many sex positions to list here. Just open up any kamasutra book, and you will see what I’m talking about. But there are popular types of positions that you and your partner can enjoy to spice things up and get stimulated. Let’s not include missionary, because I think everyone knows a thing or two about missionary. Instead, let’s learn some new moves.


The Sultry Saddle: This is a type of sideways sex where the man lies on his back with his legs bent and spread out. You slide between him at an angle, straddling his thigh as he inserts you. You’re at an angle, so one hand should be on his chest, while your other hand should be slightly behind you, grabbing his leg.

Rock and wiggle until it feels good. Here, the woman is doing the work and she also receives a lot of the pleasure.


Standing up: Does the G-spot exist? According to some, it does, and they say standing up sex is one of the best ways to hit it. In this position, the woman faces the wall and sticks out her butt (not too much). The man inserts from behind, and the both of you do the work: using the wall, you can thrust backwards, while he thrusts forward, using your hips as support.


The Squat: The man lies on his back, knees bent, legs spread apart. The woman squats on the man and goes up and down. Women can support themselves by using the bed, or their man’s hands. It’s a simple move with fantastic results.


The Spider: This move is called the spider because, when joined, the couple does resemble a spider. You start off with the woman sitting up, legs astride her partner. Both partners go on their back and slowly wiggle to create arousal. It’s a relaxing, intimate position that allows both partners to pleasure each other all not long.


Edge of Heaven: This is another position where the woman receives a lot of pleasure, to the point of reaching an orgasm. The man sits on a chair, feet flat on the floor. The woman sits on her partner’s lap and leans back. The man holds her hands to keep her from leaning too far. Both partners can move as quickly or as slowly as they please.


There are so many other positions couples can enjoy together, including:

  • Doggy style

  • Sex spooning

  • Cowgirl (woman on top)

  • The man trap (similar to missionary, but the woman wraps her legs around the man’s legs)

With all of these sex positions, how can you get into a sex rut? Just mix things up and explore new types of sex and positions.


Sex Safety

With all this fun you’re having, it’s important to be informed on how to prevent disease and pregnancy. Any form of sexual activity (excluding masturbation and mutual masturbation), can transmit sexual diseases. Wearing a condom is essential when first meeting your partner and it is suggested for both partners to get tested before starting any alternative birth control method.


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